That great ad campaign is right. In Utah, Life IS Elevated!

The Wasatch Front. Aside from being home to the Greatest Snow on Earth, it’s now home to the Greatest Show on Earth—FC5.

Did you know that Arbonne was actually founded in Orem, Utah? Company founder Petter Mørck opened doors in Utah County then moved the company to southern California shortly thereafter. So in a sense, the latest Road Tour stop was like coming home.

City Coordinator Bonnie Erickson did a great job picking the location. Hands down, the Grand America in Salt Lake was the nicest venue to date. From the platters of freshly baked cookies and brownies to the terry cloth robes in every walk-in closet, we all felt like royalty.

Throughout the evening, Bonnie Erickson raffled off really nice gifts. So nice, that most of us staff members wish we would’ve filled out a raffle ticket ourselves!

There were also a few special VIPs in the audience at the Grand: Sr. VP Marketing, Brad Wayment and Director of Creative Services, Mark Patterson both had their mothers in attendance. And as Mark states in his presentation, his mother has always had great skin and receives compliments all the time. She’s a perfect testament to the benefit of taking care of your skin. She’s re-writing the rules of looking great at any age. And with FC5 products now in the mix, anyone can get more youthful-looking skin.

I just have to say, “You’re looking great, Mama Patterson, it’s no wonder why Mark brags about you all the time!”

There are only two more events left on this whirlwind tour. If you live anywhere near them, it’s the chance of your lifetime to be a part of something that’s making history in Arbonne.

So come join with us and celebrate the arrival of FC5!

Seattle, we’ll see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Utah only got 3 pictures, everyone other location has 8-9 pictures, whats up? Lets see more!

Anonymous said...

More coming...

ArbonneBurnedMe said...

Well, it's about time the roof finally caved in at Arbonne. I knew this would happen with the way the company was run. They turned the other way when pyramids were built, people like me were taken advantage of and profits soared.

But greed and deception caught up with Arbonne and its former owners, Harvest Partners. Despite countless people like me, now without a husband but with a garage full of RE9, the roof caved in. Management encouraged frontloading, and I wonder how many people it affected like me. Management didn't seem to mind when my upline told me I needed to buy in for $2,500. I guess karma finally caught up with these guys, and that's why they're out.

My NVP told me earlier this week that everything is great, that Arbonne is on its way to $2 billion. Really? I guess the reason the banks took over the company and Harvest is out is because the company is about to experience growth? I'm sure Harvest left it for dead for some reason other than what my NVP is telling me. Surely they had a reason to hang on to a company that's really on its way to $2 billion.

On Wednesday, Arbonne posted this on their website, but then took it down the same day!


Doesn't sound like a company headed for $2 billion. Sounds like a company salvaging the scraps, begging to keep people around while they pull cash out one last time.

Well, sorry Arbonne. Your PIN number is no longer valid at my ATM. You fooled me once. Shame on you.

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