Rocky Mountain High!

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but stuffing thousands of little, clear plastic bags with Allure ads and FC5 brochures at each stop definitely has its rewards: Huge smiles on the recipient’s faces!

So the sore backs and stiff fingers, and paper cuts are worth it, every time.

Denver greeted us with blue skies, stunning views of the Rockies, and fresh mountain air. And for those of us who live at sea level—yes, I mean all of us corporate staff—oxygen tanks! This city is a mile high in elevation. Seems easy for the Consultants to reach for the stars here.

FC5 lived up to the hype and rocked another convention center. Seriously, this is quite the Road Tour. Not only do we have the FC5 shirts to prove it, but we have the frequent flier miles. (And, yes you can have my shirt when the tour’s over—but not my miles, I’m using those for a well-deserved vacation!)

Before the FC5 event begins in each city, and as were preparing and setting up the booths, we take time to print out the registration and volunteer lists. These lists include everyone who has agreed to help volunteer along with everyone who has RSVP’d to attend. And as we’re coming to find out at each stop—the FC5 buzz is really bringing in the masses. There’s always add-ons in each category!

And that’s what we saw in Denver.

I just asked Ado—the FC5 driver—how many miles he’s driven so far. His response: Over 12,000! Can you believe it? That’s what most people drive in a year—not to mention all the oil changes he’s had to do. And he’s done it in eight weeks. Once again, it’s solid proof that Arbonne will go to any length to enable everyone in the nation to experience FC5.

Rita drew the crowds once again. Director of International Support, Dave Foresta had to ask the convention center to set up a couple hundred additional chairs right before she took the stage. And there were still scores of people standing up, lining the walls!

Salt Lake City, we know you’re famous for big families. So are you going to prove it with one of the biggest turnouts yet?

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Thanks for coming to Denver! I had a great time :)

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