California Dreamin'

The West is the best. No offense to snow and rain and sleet, but California sunshine always hits the spot. (I promise, I’m not biased. I mean, I wasn’t born here or anything—but I certainly call it home now.)

Fresno marked the final FC5 Road Tour stop. Not that it's the end of the road for us by any means. It's quite the opposite: We've started something special with FC5, and the excitement is going to keep going, and going, and going...

We had a lot of fun here. Our local volunteers were fabulous and brought lots of excitement and energy to the event. Chairs were full for every presentation. Greg Chambers presented the FC5 products and husband-and-wife team, Kristin and Daryl VanderVeen shared the first Opportunity Presentation. They were followed by Carleeta Nelson at 8, who flew all the way from Oklahoma to present! (And we thought we were hot stuff by coming down from Seattle.)

Standing ovations? Like you never saw before.

There was a record amount of guests, special thanks to city coordinator Beth Gagliardi who made sure it all happened. Photo opportunities at the arch were non-stop between presentations, everyone wanted pictures of their teams and pictures with Carleeta, Kristin and Daryl, and Beth.

Attendees were so thankful that Arbonne came to Fresno and the attendance showed it. People drove down from San Francisco and many others from farther away. I think it's safe to say that a good majority are all set to attend NTC. I even overheard a few whispering about sneaking into the trailer so they could hitch a ride there, maybe catch an early glimpse of David Cook. Or David Cassidy.

We even had a great turnout with the Spanish presentations. Lots of excited Consultants, ready to run with the opportunity.

All in all, it was a perfect night. A fitting celebration for the Arbonne Experience Road Tour.

And that's the recap. Like I said earlier, how does one put the finishing touches on such an amazing experience? Certainly not by writing "The End." Because it's not. There's still so much to do and see. A lot more road to cover.

Besides, we've still got NTC in a few days, and after you see what's launching there, you'll be wanting us to start another Road Tour.

So, until then...farewell.

Oh yeah, last one to the MGM Grand has to buy dinner. (Sorry, rules are rules.)

See you in Vegas, Baby! At NTC 2009!

Seattle's Best

Seattle may be the focal point of the Pacific Northwest, but after the FC5 truck rolled in to Bellevue...we instantly knew what everyone came to see: Us, of course. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the giant white truck with models on the trailer, FC5 products, and a phenomenal speaker named Rita Davenport. Wink, wink.

We set up the “Arbonne FC5 shop” at the Meydenbauer Center, where the event was held. It's a great venue; very spacious and nice, perfect for FC5 booths. We had a different set up than usual, with the product and opportunity displays set up behind the presentation area. No, kidding, the room was that big! If you remember being at one of our events, you know this is uncommon.

Jennifer Landes was the city coordinator. Jill Ellis and Dianne Partee spoke at 6 and Rita went on at 8. Our volunteers were more than eager to help and were such a great group—it seems we say this all the time, but the volunteers are amazing! Some even volunteered at multiple locations! It's incredible that they all take time out of their busy schedules to come learn about FC5 and help run the show. As expected, the FC5 store was buzzing all night long!

Our photographer, Jon was there taking lots of photos and video. Home Office staff were also in attendance. Stuart emceed and Greg Chambers got everyone up to speed on FC5. Carol Hukari was also on-site along with John Darraugh from Canada.

A couple of NVPs joined us from Canada, too. You should have seen the check-in line at 4! Wow! Arbonne sure knows how to throw an FC5 party. We had to add volunteers to our already full list, just to keep up.

As expected, we had a full house and had to bring in extra chairs. There were even many guests who joined us just for the evening to experience Arbonne for the first time. It's great to see how excited they are about this life-changing opportunity. One Consultant sent her Dad to come see the event, even though she was attending the Fresno event.

And despite the stereotype of endless rain, it was so sunny while we were there. So beautiful. We got to explore Pike Place Market, take a ferry to Bremerton and Bainbridge Island, crane our necks to see the Space Needle, and visit the underground tours and the Piroshky Russian Bakery.

There's one more event left (well, two if we count NTC—and I fully expect you to be there!). It's kind of bittersweet to be at the end. We've seen so much, and yet...there's still so much to see. NTC will be the perfect grand finale to this breakthrough Road Tour. See you there!

Fresno, we saved the best for last. You ready?

That great ad campaign is right. In Utah, Life IS Elevated!

The Wasatch Front. Aside from being home to the Greatest Snow on Earth, it’s now home to the Greatest Show on Earth—FC5.

Did you know that Arbonne was actually founded in Orem, Utah? Company founder Petter Mørck opened doors in Utah County then moved the company to southern California shortly thereafter. So in a sense, the latest Road Tour stop was like coming home.

City Coordinator Bonnie Erickson did a great job picking the location. Hands down, the Grand America in Salt Lake was the nicest venue to date. From the platters of freshly baked cookies and brownies to the terry cloth robes in every walk-in closet, we all felt like royalty.

Throughout the evening, Bonnie Erickson raffled off really nice gifts. So nice, that most of us staff members wish we would’ve filled out a raffle ticket ourselves!

There were also a few special VIPs in the audience at the Grand: Sr. VP Marketing, Brad Wayment and Director of Creative Services, Mark Patterson both had their mothers in attendance. And as Mark states in his presentation, his mother has always had great skin and receives compliments all the time. She’s a perfect testament to the benefit of taking care of your skin. She’s re-writing the rules of looking great at any age. And with FC5 products now in the mix, anyone can get more youthful-looking skin.

I just have to say, “You’re looking great, Mama Patterson, it’s no wonder why Mark brags about you all the time!”

There are only two more events left on this whirlwind tour. If you live anywhere near them, it’s the chance of your lifetime to be a part of something that’s making history in Arbonne.

So come join with us and celebrate the arrival of FC5!

Seattle, we’ll see you soon!

Rocky Mountain High!

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but stuffing thousands of little, clear plastic bags with Allure ads and FC5 brochures at each stop definitely has its rewards: Huge smiles on the recipient’s faces!

So the sore backs and stiff fingers, and paper cuts are worth it, every time.

Denver greeted us with blue skies, stunning views of the Rockies, and fresh mountain air. And for those of us who live at sea level—yes, I mean all of us corporate staff—oxygen tanks! This city is a mile high in elevation. Seems easy for the Consultants to reach for the stars here.

FC5 lived up to the hype and rocked another convention center. Seriously, this is quite the Road Tour. Not only do we have the FC5 shirts to prove it, but we have the frequent flier miles. (And, yes you can have my shirt when the tour’s over—but not my miles, I’m using those for a well-deserved vacation!)

Before the FC5 event begins in each city, and as were preparing and setting up the booths, we take time to print out the registration and volunteer lists. These lists include everyone who has agreed to help volunteer along with everyone who has RSVP’d to attend. And as we’re coming to find out at each stop—the FC5 buzz is really bringing in the masses. There’s always add-ons in each category!

And that’s what we saw in Denver.

I just asked Ado—the FC5 driver—how many miles he’s driven so far. His response: Over 12,000! Can you believe it? That’s what most people drive in a year—not to mention all the oil changes he’s had to do. And he’s done it in eight weeks. Once again, it’s solid proof that Arbonne will go to any length to enable everyone in the nation to experience FC5.

Rita drew the crowds once again. Director of International Support, Dave Foresta had to ask the convention center to set up a couple hundred additional chairs right before she took the stage. And there were still scores of people standing up, lining the walls!

Salt Lake City, we know you’re famous for big families. So are you going to prove it with one of the biggest turnouts yet?

Just like they say in Business School: Location is everything.

Welcome to Kansas City! Before recapping how awesome the event was, I must admit that we (Arbonne) realize that you have to stare at a screen all day. So why not make it a lot prettier by checking out the FC5 blog? (Oh wait, you are—thanks for coming!) I mean, where else can you go to read up about the coolest new skin care on the market and get inspired by the most life-changing opportunity out there?

(Besides arbonne.com, ha.)

Chicago may currently hold the title of "Windy City," but after the tornado warning we received here, I'd like to think that this place is a close second! Sr. VP Marketing, Brad Wayment read a warning issued from the hotel that cautioned us to be on the lookout. But even with the warning, all of the local Consultants and guests took it in stride, smiled even bigger, and didn't skip a beat.
Arbonne's dedication to get a tube of FC5 product into every hand in the nation is more evident than ever. This incredible Arbonne Experience Road Tour has taken us to many of the best places in the country, and enabled us to meet and celebrate with the best people in the world: Arbonne Independent Consultants.

The booths looked extra stunning tonight, and all the attendees were duly impressed. Our set-up staff is getting more and more efficient. Take that, Bob Vila. And they can almost do it with their eyes closed. (Which is understandable, since they're working late into the night.)

Rita put another successful stamp of approval on the evening. Everyone was pumped.

Sales in the store were steady all night. Everyone must be realizing how sweet of a deal the RE9 Set is. This is a perfect time to get a travel set. So grab one at the next event you can.

Denver, make sure to shovel the snow off the runway. We're headed your way!

I can’t believe it’s almost time for NTC!

Looks like the Midwest is still the "center" of everything Arbonne.

The heartland—and heartbeat—of America welcomed us with open arms. (Tons of 'em. Omaha had one of the biggest registrations of the Tour!)

We enjoyed the farmland views on our way to the city. We even saw a jumbo-sized pitch fork. (Paul Bunyan must pop down from MN to help them out in Iowa with their farming.)

The event was at the Holiday Inn, which I was told was the largest hotel in the state. It also boasted a huge indoor water park that was being utilized by all the families there on spring break. (Lucky us, ha.)

We had a large ballroom with a layout that allowed us to utilize the entire room for the FC5 display area, the Opportunity area, and even the Presentations, with a permanent stage.

Linda Melillo trained on the product and Lynn Hagedorn was the first speaker riveting the crowd. Lynn had driven up to Minnesota to do the Opportunity and drove all the way back down to Omaha not only to do the Opportunity presentation, but also to act as the city coordinator, too! She is a super woman!

Speaking of superwoman...Rita went on early and was fabulous! We had a great turnout and in true Rita form she had the attendees' full attention while sharing her wealth of knowledge about the Arbonne business and her ‘Rita-isms’ that make you bust up with laughter. (I still laugh at all of them.)

Tim Molloy was on deck as the emcee and another highlight of the night was that Lynn Hagedorn was interviewed on-site by Channel 6 WOWT reporter, Jodi Baker for a story regarding direct marketing companies, which aired later. Very cool. (I tried to catch some air time but alas...the camera man turned away.)

Everyone in Omaha is so personable and so funny! Great at making you feel so welcome. From the fantastic volunteers who were energetic and cheerful to the attendees...it was a great success.

On a side note: One volunteer received a surprise visit from her mother who flew in from out of town. In fact, that volunteer was just at the Chicago show. That was fun to be a part of. Boy was she shocked and so excited her mother could see Arbonne up close and personal. The Consultants were so grateful for everything.

Time to pack things up and hit the road. Kansas City is waiting!


Minneapolis...the true Northern Star!

We are on the road, after a thrilling—and very fulfilling—stop in “Minnesooda,” where FC5 left its mark and made another monumental impression.

As we leave Minneapolis, I’m letting everyone here on the bus try my Minnesota faves...Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips. And judging by their reactions, and by these empty bags in my lap, it looks like we might be “politely” requesting the driver to flip a quick U-turn so we can get some more. Hopefully this Lefsa and these corn puffs will hold us over for the second half of the trip!

So, Minneapolis was fantastic, as expected. It was such a great turn out. The layout was different with each focus having its own room. Props to the design/assemble team for making it look so stunning.

Colleen Krebs and Jobin Hume went on stage for the first Opportunity Presentation and Lynn Hagedorn followed at 8. All of the presentations were “sold-out.” Apparently both the FC5 product AND Arbonne Opportunity mean a lot to the Consultant base here. The attendees seemed to enjoy the event in its entirety and were so thankful that we all came.

The weather was just like in Chicago—the mounds of snow were just random and the Minnesotans were even out in their shorts. (Northern exposure takes on a whole new meaning!)

The volunteers were spot on and made it a very easy event.

The FC5 truck had a great parking location. The hotel entry faced another entry, which was a wall of glass. I have no idea how the driver got the truck in there, it was a tight squeeze! I suppose it’s more than fitting that the driver’s name is Ado (pronounced “Auto”).

One difference about this event was that we noticed Minnesotans start Arbonne at a young age. We had more future Consultants than I've seen at any other event. Lots of babies and kids joined to see what their future has in store for them. Too bad we didn't have mini sizes of FC5. (Wink, wink.)

Nebraska is next. I hear that Omaha is bragging about beating out New York for most attendees.

Is that true, Omaha?