West Palm Beached

With its Caribbean-esque sunshine and East coast sensibility, West Palm Beach is about the best place in the lower 48 for an FC5 party. (No offense Orange County!)

And by the looks of the jam-packed parking lot behind the Palm Beach Convention Center, it must be true. I’d say it’s safe to assume that Mercedes-Benz probably loves Arbonne as much as RVP and NVPs do!


And speaking of things Arbonne loves, I hope you saw the new David Cook posters in the Fc5 display room. He is coming to NTC! Can you believe it?

Check out this rocking lineup for NTC in Vegas:

-David Cook will perform at the Grand Awards Ceremony
-We’re unveiling the latest new products during the Kick-Off/Product Launch night
-Special guest performance by David Cassidy
-All your hard work in ’08 will be recognized throughout the event and at the Grand Awards Ceremony
-Keynote Speaker, Ross Shafer is speaking on ‘Why Now is the Best Time to be a Entrepreneur’
-Guest Speaker, Krista Embry will be in town to train on Makeup Application Tips & Easy Sales Strategies
-And, hello…Rita’s speaking! Reason enough to attend the event.

Arbonne and FC5 are still making waves across the country and getting lots of news coverage. A reporter from the local Latino Comcast channel was on hand to interview guests, along with Jael Weber from the Home Office.

And Latin Consultants outdid themselves again with a tremendous showing. It’s exciting to see how well the Spanish market is flourishing. Jael hosted a special training that was by all standards, excellente.

There were more men at this event, and Rita noted this during her presentation when she quipped, in true Rita style, "I love men, I married one."

Volunteers and attendees came from far and near to experience the Road Tour. One volunteer even flew down from Chicago, another from South Carolina. How impressive is that?

After a few weeks on the road, I think I’ve discovered that the winning formula for a romantic getaway doesn’t always involve a little black velvet box. It can simply be this: Let her make the decision and attend an FC5 Road Show event.

You won’t regret it.

East Coasters, we’re here. See you soon.

But before I sign off, here are the the “FC5 Featured Photos of the Week.”

Independent Consultant Julie Hintze brought along a brand new Consultant, who was thrilled to meet Rita at the very first event she attended. She also brought along her mother Donna, who is her first sponsored Consultant. Thanks for attending, Julie.

L–R: Independent Consultant Barbara Porto, President Rita Davenport, Independent Consultant Julie Hintze, Independent Consultant Donna Hintze

And Independent Consultant Blanca Schafer had the special chance to meet Rita:

Georgia, Always On Arbonne's Mind

It’s confirmed: Not only did David Cook knock America’s socks off on television not too long ago, but he’s now going to be igniting an excited Arbonne crowd with an exclusive performance at NTC 2009 Las Vegas!

So we’ll know what America will be watching that night.

The Marriott Hotel in Atlanta is a tremendous place. Nestled in-between a bunch of skyscrapers, every room has a great view of the city. There are about 40 or so floors and when you’re in the lobby looking straight up, it’s impressive. No kidding.

Atlanta had one of the best turnouts yet. And I’m not just saying that because our staff was pleasantly surprised with incredibly tasty homemade cookies and dessert bars from local NVPs. (Southern hospitality rules. Thanks, Atlanta!) Everything was in sync from the moment registration opened all the way until Rita’s closing remarks. She sure does know how to work a crowd. I love seeing all the enthusiastic people run up to meet her at each event.

I’m going to get an autograph at one of these events.

We also got the new NTC video display going in Atlanta and everyone is really jazzed about the event. Consultants who weren’t planning on attending are now excited to get to Las Vegas! It’s Vegas, baby, don’t miss it!

The volunteers were experts on FC5 in no time. After a quick training session from Linda, they were ready to “apply” what they learned. Literally. They smelled like FC5 the entire night. (I’m still trying to figure out how we can install shower stalls so everyone can get the full FC5 Body and Hair experience, too. Keep those fingers crossed.)

One noteworthy event from the night was this: A Consultant pulled me aside one of the FC5 product displays and had me grab a box of Nourishing Daily Shampoo. She then called a Client of hers, explained that she was at the Arbonne Road Tour with an actual “Arbonne employee,” yup, yours truly, then handed me the phone and asked me to read the ingredients off the back of the box. After getting through the list, the Consultant grabbed the cell phone back and exclaimed to her friend, “See, I told you it has the best ingredients.” How do you like that, Snapple? Our products ARE made form the best stuff on Earth, too.

Did you know the Hydrating Eye Crème is the best-selling product in the line? I attribute it to the ad in Allure. That, and the great ingredients and awesome cooling sensation.

So, whatever it takes to share FC5, including random phone calls, we’re prepared to do.

And yes, we’re still accepting dessert trays. See you soon, West Palm Beach, Florida.


Alabama: The Host with the Most!

The south sure has character. It's one of the many charming qualities about this part of the country, and probably one of the main reasons Arbonne seems to flourish. That and the abundance off really good BBQ. (Apparently it's much easier to work on a full stomach.)

Riding on the high from Nashville, we arrived in Birmingham and immediately began preparing for the next event. What most of you don't get to see, outside of this ridiculously well-written blog, is how the event operates. As soon as the Arbonne truck arrives in each new city, staff members instantly get to work unloading and setting up. It takes two teams; both led by Executives from the Home Office. The first team wakes up before the crack of dawn (and you have to keep in mind that we're used to Pacific time which is even earlier) to unload the truck and carefully assemble the immaculate display cases that make you pause and ask,

"Nordstrom who?"

Then after getting all the different areas assembled, the next team takes over and puts the finishing touches on by loading and stocking FC5 product, preparing the registration materials, and finally, welcoming the crowds. So, suffice it say, we pay attention to every detail, especially you and your guests. And we’re extremely excited to have you participate in every stop along the way.

It was another successful event in Birmingham. And obviously a big deal, because halfway through the night a camera crew from CBS showed up to film a portion of the event. Yep, Arbonne is stealing the thunder from local news, weather and car crashes.

The presentations were awesome. I love hearing from the presenters about who Arbonne products work best on: Folks with skin and hair. The possibilities are endless.

Birmingham, thanks for hosting us. Your volunteers were especially helpful. I can't remember seeing the display cases more organized or professional.

Oh yeah, NTC (National Training Celebration) registration is soaring thanks to the Road Tour! So many excited Consultants are making plans to meet us in Vegas—where the Road Tour comes to an end and the partying begins! Hey David Cook, I can’t wait to meet you!

Which makes me wonder...can you come with us to Atlanta?

Until we meet again.

FC5 Takes Center Stage in Music City, USA

Nashville is known for many things: Country music, great food, and incredible personalities like Dolly Parton. But what Arbonne knows it for, and what we really love it for, is being home of the greatest First Lady ever: Rita Davenport. She came back to an enthusiastic crowd in Tennessee...and gave the Grand Ole Opry some real competition!

Not only did she stamp an exclamation mark and set the stage for the remainder of this Road Tour, but she reminded us all that we can change and become everything we want to be. And by the looks of all the successful VPs in the crowd, it looks like she's right.

The floor was crammed with Nashville's finest, shining brighter than the spangles on The King's leisure suit. It was the Arbonne Opportunity painted, as it should be...with future VPs everywhere.

And I've got to post one of the best Rita quotes from the night: "Nobody likes change. Except for a baby with a wet diaper."

Even after the throngs quit kicking their heels when Rita left the stage, the excitement was thick enough to spread on toast. I counted no less than forty-seven guests swear that the FC5 Cleanser + Freshener was just the solution for the simmering sub-Mason-Dixon heat sure to come with summer.

One lady in a pink sweater said of the FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème, "I've never seen anything that felt as fresh as the pictures on the packaging."

Another woman said of the FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème, "It makes me feel cool." That's important stuff for these hot Nashville nights!

Tons of volunteers showed up to help run the show. They were so great. It was tough work keeping FC5 Hydrating Eye Crème stocked. They did so while showing that the sixth fresh ingredient at the FC5 booth was a smile.

And that's what makes our company so great. If you think about it, a brand isn't what the company says it is; it's what the consumers, yes YOU, say it is. So without the fantastic support of our Consultants and Preferred Clients, like you, we'd be just another pretty face. (With a complete line of fabulous products to keep that face looking its best, of course.)

Well, the last box of FC5 has just been loaded. That's my cue.

Check out this live testimonial from some of the volunteers:

Alabama, we're headed your way.

Home Sweet Oklahoma

Is it me, or are there a lot of white Mercedes-Benzes out in the parking lot? I have to keep shaking my head to make sure I’m not seeing double. Looks like the kind of advertisement I want to be a part of.

Going to Oklahoma is like coming home in a way. Not in the sense that there are palm trees and miles of traffic, but more so in that there’s a distinct Arbonne vibe. For some reason, people really “get” Arbonne here. This has been one of the epicenters of Arbonne activity for quite some time now. And while other regions of the country and world are quickly growing, building like crazy, and embracing the opportunity, there’s still something to be said about Oklahoma. It’s like a Mecca for RE9 enthusiasts. In fact, there were more NVPs here than any other Road Tour stop yet!

Notes from Oklahoma:

-Cowboy Hall of Fame—lots of meeting space. We could’ve driven the FC5 truck inside. (I was temped to, believe me.)

-Becki Barnes did a phenomenal job helping to coordinate this show. You could tell it's almost Valentine's Day, because love was certainly in the air. Or was that FC5?

-All of the Arbonne superstars were in the house. A party like no other.

-We had two big headline speakers: Carleeta Nelson and Cecilia Stoll, who both rocked the show with amazing Opportunity Presentations! Standing room only. We even had to get more chairs, haha. As was expected, Oklahomans sure do love Arbonne! And we loved bringing this event to you.

-Got one request at the event that you'd think would’ve come from Texans: Gallon-sized jugs of Daily Nourishing Shampoo and Invigorating Body Cleanser. What can I say, the crowds just can't get enough.

So that’s a quick wrap-up of this leg of the Tour. And despite my better instincts, I have to end this post with a pun saying that this last stop was more than OK…it was journal-entry cool.

Nashville, are you ready?

Good. Because we’re on our way.


Turns out the hot spot in Texas was the coolest place to be

Dallas is such a great place. And just like they say, everything IS bigger in Texas: The hotels; the cowboy hats; the million-dollar smiles; the belt buckles. What a fun stop.

If we’ve learned one thing after 10 days of being on the road, it is this: FC5 Invigorating Body Cleanser works wonders!

The city has the nickname of “Big D,” which is fitting. But even better is the motto: “Live Large. Think Big.” After meeting some of the most excited and enthusiastic Consultants of the area here at the event, it makes perfect sense. FC5 will fit in nicely here.

A few highlights:

-The FC5 volunteers showed up early at 3 p.m. for training. They rocked it. Very professional and helpful. We even had some additional people volunteer to help. It was standing room only, literally!

-We brought the California sunshine with us, but not the tornado. Yikes. I’ll take an earthquake any day. Our photographer, Jon, got caught in it as he was driving to Dallas. Good thing he has a lead foot and drives fast.

-Jill Jones was in the house. Did you know she was the first NVP in the big state of Texas? What a trail blazer.

-Lynda Runnels from Dallas is flying to New York early next month to meet her family and take them to the New York Road Tour. Rita will also be in NY to help seal the deal. (And maybe catch a few Broadway shows in between.)

-Texans taught Mark Patterson how to say, “Howdy, Y'all." Though one Consultant in the background shared with me that a true Texan would never use both of those in combination.

-AM Debbie Murphy of Peoria, Arizona just called and wondered about why the O/C (and we don't mean Orange County, that's Oily/Combination, ladies) Set did not include the Moisturizing Night Crème. So she used the set during the day and the FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème at night, saying it worked beautifully. Her skin was glowing and her makeup looked so much better after using the FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème. She even said the FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème was lighter and seemed to penetrate the skin better than the Rejuvenating Cream. Awesome. Chalk up another victory for FC5. What a testimony from an avid Rejuvenating Cream user!

-Jeremiah from the Arbonne Indiana staff (Greenwood Facility) had sushi for the first time. It's been a few weeks of firsts...his first airplane ride, first time to see the ocean (in California), first time being a rock star on the road...

Thanks for checking in. It’s been an amazing trip so far and there’s still so much to see and do.

We want to hear—and see—your experiences at the Road Tour. So please post comments and e-mail your photos and videos to: arbonneroadtour@arbonne.com and we’ll add as many as we can. Also, send your name and the city (venue) you attended.

Oklahoma is next. See you there!