Just like they say in Business School: Location is everything.

Welcome to Kansas City! Before recapping how awesome the event was, I must admit that we (Arbonne) realize that you have to stare at a screen all day. So why not make it a lot prettier by checking out the FC5 blog? (Oh wait, you are—thanks for coming!) I mean, where else can you go to read up about the coolest new skin care on the market and get inspired by the most life-changing opportunity out there?

(Besides arbonne.com, ha.)

Chicago may currently hold the title of "Windy City," but after the tornado warning we received here, I'd like to think that this place is a close second! Sr. VP Marketing, Brad Wayment read a warning issued from the hotel that cautioned us to be on the lookout. But even with the warning, all of the local Consultants and guests took it in stride, smiled even bigger, and didn't skip a beat.
Arbonne's dedication to get a tube of FC5 product into every hand in the nation is more evident than ever. This incredible Arbonne Experience Road Tour has taken us to many of the best places in the country, and enabled us to meet and celebrate with the best people in the world: Arbonne Independent Consultants.

The booths looked extra stunning tonight, and all the attendees were duly impressed. Our set-up staff is getting more and more efficient. Take that, Bob Vila. And they can almost do it with their eyes closed. (Which is understandable, since they're working late into the night.)

Rita put another successful stamp of approval on the evening. Everyone was pumped.

Sales in the store were steady all night. Everyone must be realizing how sweet of a deal the RE9 Set is. This is a perfect time to get a travel set. So grab one at the next event you can.

Denver, make sure to shovel the snow off the runway. We're headed your way!

I can’t believe it’s almost time for NTC!

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