Looks like the Midwest is still the "center" of everything Arbonne.

The heartland—and heartbeat—of America welcomed us with open arms. (Tons of 'em. Omaha had one of the biggest registrations of the Tour!)

We enjoyed the farmland views on our way to the city. We even saw a jumbo-sized pitch fork. (Paul Bunyan must pop down from MN to help them out in Iowa with their farming.)

The event was at the Holiday Inn, which I was told was the largest hotel in the state. It also boasted a huge indoor water park that was being utilized by all the families there on spring break. (Lucky us, ha.)

We had a large ballroom with a layout that allowed us to utilize the entire room for the FC5 display area, the Opportunity area, and even the Presentations, with a permanent stage.

Linda Melillo trained on the product and Lynn Hagedorn was the first speaker riveting the crowd. Lynn had driven up to Minnesota to do the Opportunity and drove all the way back down to Omaha not only to do the Opportunity presentation, but also to act as the city coordinator, too! She is a super woman!

Speaking of superwoman...Rita went on early and was fabulous! We had a great turnout and in true Rita form she had the attendees' full attention while sharing her wealth of knowledge about the Arbonne business and her ‘Rita-isms’ that make you bust up with laughter. (I still laugh at all of them.)

Tim Molloy was on deck as the emcee and another highlight of the night was that Lynn Hagedorn was interviewed on-site by Channel 6 WOWT reporter, Jodi Baker for a story regarding direct marketing companies, which aired later. Very cool. (I tried to catch some air time but alas...the camera man turned away.)

Everyone in Omaha is so personable and so funny! Great at making you feel so welcome. From the fantastic volunteers who were energetic and cheerful to the attendees...it was a great success.

On a side note: One volunteer received a surprise visit from her mother who flew in from out of town. In fact, that volunteer was just at the Chicago show. That was fun to be a part of. Boy was she shocked and so excited her mother could see Arbonne up close and personal. The Consultants were so grateful for everything.

Time to pack things up and hit the road. Kansas City is waiting!


Anonymous said...

So, did we beat New York, or what?!

Anonymous said...

We all had so much fun!!! When are you coming back? The room was gorgeous. Rita was the best that I have every heard her. We are so proud to be a part of Arbonne.

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