Minneapolis...the true Northern Star!

We are on the road, after a thrilling—and very fulfilling—stop in “Minnesooda,” where FC5 left its mark and made another monumental impression.

As we leave Minneapolis, I’m letting everyone here on the bus try my Minnesota faves...Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips. And judging by their reactions, and by these empty bags in my lap, it looks like we might be “politely” requesting the driver to flip a quick U-turn so we can get some more. Hopefully this Lefsa and these corn puffs will hold us over for the second half of the trip!

So, Minneapolis was fantastic, as expected. It was such a great turn out. The layout was different with each focus having its own room. Props to the design/assemble team for making it look so stunning.

Colleen Krebs and Jobin Hume went on stage for the first Opportunity Presentation and Lynn Hagedorn followed at 8. All of the presentations were “sold-out.” Apparently both the FC5 product AND Arbonne Opportunity mean a lot to the Consultant base here. The attendees seemed to enjoy the event in its entirety and were so thankful that we all came.

The weather was just like in Chicago—the mounds of snow were just random and the Minnesotans were even out in their shorts. (Northern exposure takes on a whole new meaning!)

The volunteers were spot on and made it a very easy event.

The FC5 truck had a great parking location. The hotel entry faced another entry, which was a wall of glass. I have no idea how the driver got the truck in there, it was a tight squeeze! I suppose it’s more than fitting that the driver’s name is Ado (pronounced “Auto”).

One difference about this event was that we noticed Minnesotans start Arbonne at a young age. We had more future Consultants than I've seen at any other event. Lots of babies and kids joined to see what their future has in store for them. Too bad we didn't have mini sizes of FC5. (Wink, wink.)

Nebraska is next. I hear that Omaha is bragging about beating out New York for most attendees.

Is that true, Omaha?

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