FC5 Takes Center Stage in Music City, USA

Nashville is known for many things: Country music, great food, and incredible personalities like Dolly Parton. But what Arbonne knows it for, and what we really love it for, is being home of the greatest First Lady ever: Rita Davenport. She came back to an enthusiastic crowd in Tennessee...and gave the Grand Ole Opry some real competition!

Not only did she stamp an exclamation mark and set the stage for the remainder of this Road Tour, but she reminded us all that we can change and become everything we want to be. And by the looks of all the successful VPs in the crowd, it looks like she's right.

The floor was crammed with Nashville's finest, shining brighter than the spangles on The King's leisure suit. It was the Arbonne Opportunity painted, as it should be...with future VPs everywhere.

And I've got to post one of the best Rita quotes from the night: "Nobody likes change. Except for a baby with a wet diaper."

Even after the throngs quit kicking their heels when Rita left the stage, the excitement was thick enough to spread on toast. I counted no less than forty-seven guests swear that the FC5 Cleanser + Freshener was just the solution for the simmering sub-Mason-Dixon heat sure to come with summer.

One lady in a pink sweater said of the FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème, "I've never seen anything that felt as fresh as the pictures on the packaging."

Another woman said of the FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème, "It makes me feel cool." That's important stuff for these hot Nashville nights!

Tons of volunteers showed up to help run the show. They were so great. It was tough work keeping FC5 Hydrating Eye Crème stocked. They did so while showing that the sixth fresh ingredient at the FC5 booth was a smile.

And that's what makes our company so great. If you think about it, a brand isn't what the company says it is; it's what the consumers, yes YOU, say it is. So without the fantastic support of our Consultants and Preferred Clients, like you, we'd be just another pretty face. (With a complete line of fabulous products to keep that face looking its best, of course.)

Well, the last box of FC5 has just been loaded. That's my cue.

Check out this live testimonial from some of the volunteers:

Alabama, we're headed your way.

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