Arbonne hits the road and rolls into Anaheim

You’d think that with this many excited women at the Hyatt in Anaheim, somebody must’ve spotted George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Usually it’s Disneyland and A-listers who draw the crowds and bring the masses to this town, but today…it’s the Arbonne Road Tour featuring the new FC5™ line. Over one thousand Clients, Consultants and guests showed up at the Hyatt and found a truck and trailer full of new FC5 products, a gigantic ballroom decked out with flat-screen TVs playing FC5 videos, computer stations featuring the new FC5 site, ultra-modern white display cases that bring shame to anything at Macy’s and Nordstrom, and hip music blaring through the loud speakers.

It was like the birthday party you always wanted. Only, in a bigger house, with a better soundtrack, and your entire high school showed up.

Arbonne’s latest innovative introduction—FC5—is really making an impact. I wish I would’ve counted how many times the same group of women came back to try the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème (good thing we had dozens of boxes on hand). Or to pull the lid off the Nourishing Daily Shampoo just to get another whiff. Or to grab their friends with excitement and point the second Rita walked into the room.

And not only that, but local Arbonne field volunteers came to help answer questions and staff the booths. They were awesome. It’s easy to see why the business is in good hands, literally. And get this: One volunteer flew all the way here from Dallas just to get a head’s up on what to expect when the Tour hits Texas. Talk about dedication! Oh man. It’s one thing to volunteer in your own neighborhood. But to hop on a plane and jet across the country? Wow.

This is just the first stop of the company’s first major road tour. And by the looks of things, it’s going to be one gigantic party at every city.

And that reminds me; I’d better grab my bag. I just heard the truck engine start up. Looks like we’re off to San Diego!

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See you at the next event.


Carl said...


Join us as an ENVP guest for the Arbonne Road Show in your city! Email me at robyn.lyle@verizon.net for more information.

cindymiller said...

Cannot wait until you roll into Michigan! Safe travels and excited to hear more about your adventures.

Marji said...

Wish ya'll were coming to Arkansas!! :)

Dawn said...

Looking forward to an exciting time in Atlanta!! I'm planning to bring my team and our prospects! Can't wait to see Rita Davenport!!

Dawn S.

Deana said...

OH MY GOSH! The clock is not ticking fast enough. I cannot wait! My clients and consultants are awaiting my arrival for the results I keep talking about. I would love to give Rita a great big hug. Thanks Arbonne...God Bless the coming year!

Anonymous said...

I am so EXCITED!!! Any possibility all of us North Idaho folks could talk you into a stop here after you leave Seattle ... maybe a "pit stop" on the way to NTC?? Rita says "What you think about, you bring about," well I'm thinking, talking, and praying!!

Casa Ortiz said...

Oh my gosh, Arbonne!!! We are all here in Dallas patiently waiting!!!! Hurry, Hurry...we can't wait to welcome you!!! ~Pam Ortiz, RVP, www.CasadeArbonne.myarbonne.com

kellyfab40 said...

Very excited to see that amazing-look truck pull into KC. Keep up the great work!

Tammy said...

Look out Columbus, OH in five weeks and counting Arbonne's coming to town." What's that?" you might ask. A chic magnet - that's what it is. Pure excitement, great friends, experiencing new beauty products! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Raina said...

NY is ready for the ROADSHOW! Bring it on!

Kelly said...

The lakes may still be frozen come March 18th here in MN but Arbonne and FC5 is sure to heat things up! We welcome you with arms WIDE open! Kelly

Maria said...

We are so excited in Michigan to welcome Arbonne! Using the next month to gather all of the guests we can to show them how extraordinary Arbonne is...use this well, it's an opportunity of a lifetime to share Arbonne all those we care about!

Maria Starkey, RVP

Sage said...

Can anyone who has gone to an event let us know what to expect. I am inviting people to the event in Denver and have had a lot of agenda questions since we have to drive 3 hours. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma City was buzzing!!! What an event. Thank you Arbonne - thank you, thank you, thank you! All three of my guests are starting their own businesses. Wish I would have brought 50 people to the gathering last night. Amazing!!!!

Kristen Stemple said...

We can't wait for Arbonne to hit the Windy City! With such a long winter, we can't wait for the smell of FC5 to come into town...we need a breath of fresh air...and Arbonne is bringing it to town with FC5!
Thanks Arbonne!
Kristen Stemple

Erin said...

The Atlanta Road Show was fantastic! My tip to you is to BRING GUESTS!! After the FC5 experience and hearing Rita, they'll jump in with both feet, for sure!!

ArbonneBurnedMe said...

Well, it's about time the roof finally caved in at Arbonne. I knew this would happen with the way the company was run. They turned the other way when pyramids were built, people like me were taken advantage of and profits soared.

But greed and deception caught up with Arbonne and its former owners, Harvest Partners. Despite countless people like me, now without a husband but with a garage full of RE9, the roof caved in. Management encouraged frontloading, and I wonder how many people it affected like me. Management didn't seem to mind when my upline told me I needed to buy in for $2,500. I guess karma finally caught up with these guys, and that's why they're out.

My NVP told me earlier this week that everything is great, that Arbonne is on its way to $2 billion. Really? I guess the reason the banks took over the company and Harvest is out is because the company is about to experience growth? I'm sure Harvest left it for dead for some reason other than what my NVP is telling me. Surely they had a reason to hang on to a company that's really on its way to $2 billion.

On Wednesday, Arbonne posted this on their website, but then took it down the same day!


Doesn't sound like a company headed for $2 billion. Sounds like a company salvaging the scraps, begging to keep people around while they pull cash out one last time.

Well, sorry Arbonne. Your PIN number is no longer valid at my ATM. You fooled me once. Shame on you.

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