Putting FC5 on the map...one city at a time

Round 2. Carlsbad. We've just started this phenomenal nationwide Road Tour to promote the new FC5 line, and everyone here is amped up. Staff from every department at the Home Office have volunteered to help support the tour, along with several local Arbonne Consultants, who are possibly more amped up than us. And even though we're only 60 miles south of headquarters, it feels like we're with Jack Kerouac and off for the adventure of our lives.

So, the Arbonne truck rolled into Carlsbad, just north of San Diego, and we took La Costa Resort by storm. If you've never been, La Costa is a high-end resort with perfectly manicured lawns and south-of-the-border romantic architecture. It's the place where couples in your neighborhood go every other weekend for drinks and maybe a round of golf. (And if they're lucky, a massage.)

Once we arrive, we start setting up the booths and display cases. And believe it or not, it’s looking even better than in Anaheim. The scent of fresh science is wafting through the air and the soundtrack is playing and things are humming.

After the first round of volunteers showed up and went through the training session and facilities tour with Director of Creative Services and FC5 mastermind, Mark Patterson and Sr. VP Warehousing & Distribution, Richard Estalella, it was on.

The crowd had arrived. And sure enough, the booths were packed with lines of Consultants and guests. It’s pretty amazing to see the reaction everyone is having about FC5. They love the look, the smell, the price, the new Web site, the videos, everything.

In fact, many people I talked to said if they had brought 100 guests each they are certain that they would have signed up as Consultants. They're that confident that this new line will attract new people. They can’t wait to start sharing the wealth. Why, one Consultant I met brought two inactive Consultants out of hiatus just by bringing them to the event. They walked out after placing a big FC5 order on the Web site.

And in-between the product testing, there were superb Opportunity Presentations from a few local leaders, Amme and Chris Weilert, and Sandra and Ted Tillinghast. It was really cool to hear all of their stories of success and trial. They’re all great examples of how we can all have an incredible lifestyle.

So, let me know what you thought of the event. Write a comment. Check out the link at one of the FC5 computer towers at the event or hit the link on Arbonne's corporate site.

Ooops, that was Richard calling my name—he must have quit e-mailing on his BlackBerry long enough to shout my name. I'd better help finish packing up the truck. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts.

See you in Arizona.

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