Georgia, Always On Arbonne's Mind

It’s confirmed: Not only did David Cook knock America’s socks off on television not too long ago, but he’s now going to be igniting an excited Arbonne crowd with an exclusive performance at NTC 2009 Las Vegas!

So we’ll know what America will be watching that night.

The Marriott Hotel in Atlanta is a tremendous place. Nestled in-between a bunch of skyscrapers, every room has a great view of the city. There are about 40 or so floors and when you’re in the lobby looking straight up, it’s impressive. No kidding.

Atlanta had one of the best turnouts yet. And I’m not just saying that because our staff was pleasantly surprised with incredibly tasty homemade cookies and dessert bars from local NVPs. (Southern hospitality rules. Thanks, Atlanta!) Everything was in sync from the moment registration opened all the way until Rita’s closing remarks. She sure does know how to work a crowd. I love seeing all the enthusiastic people run up to meet her at each event.

I’m going to get an autograph at one of these events.

We also got the new NTC video display going in Atlanta and everyone is really jazzed about the event. Consultants who weren’t planning on attending are now excited to get to Las Vegas! It’s Vegas, baby, don’t miss it!

The volunteers were experts on FC5 in no time. After a quick training session from Linda, they were ready to “apply” what they learned. Literally. They smelled like FC5 the entire night. (I’m still trying to figure out how we can install shower stalls so everyone can get the full FC5 Body and Hair experience, too. Keep those fingers crossed.)

One noteworthy event from the night was this: A Consultant pulled me aside one of the FC5 product displays and had me grab a box of Nourishing Daily Shampoo. She then called a Client of hers, explained that she was at the Arbonne Road Tour with an actual “Arbonne employee,” yup, yours truly, then handed me the phone and asked me to read the ingredients off the back of the box. After getting through the list, the Consultant grabbed the cell phone back and exclaimed to her friend, “See, I told you it has the best ingredients.” How do you like that, Snapple? Our products ARE made form the best stuff on Earth, too.

Did you know the Hydrating Eye Crème is the best-selling product in the line? I attribute it to the ad in Allure. That, and the great ingredients and awesome cooling sensation.

So, whatever it takes to share FC5, including random phone calls, we’re prepared to do.

And yes, we’re still accepting dessert trays. See you soon, West Palm Beach, Florida.


Anonymous said...

David Cook? REALLY?!
See you in Vegas!

Kim said...

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!!!!

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