Alabama: The Host with the Most!

The south sure has character. It's one of the many charming qualities about this part of the country, and probably one of the main reasons Arbonne seems to flourish. That and the abundance off really good BBQ. (Apparently it's much easier to work on a full stomach.)

Riding on the high from Nashville, we arrived in Birmingham and immediately began preparing for the next event. What most of you don't get to see, outside of this ridiculously well-written blog, is how the event operates. As soon as the Arbonne truck arrives in each new city, staff members instantly get to work unloading and setting up. It takes two teams; both led by Executives from the Home Office. The first team wakes up before the crack of dawn (and you have to keep in mind that we're used to Pacific time which is even earlier) to unload the truck and carefully assemble the immaculate display cases that make you pause and ask,

"Nordstrom who?"

Then after getting all the different areas assembled, the next team takes over and puts the finishing touches on by loading and stocking FC5 product, preparing the registration materials, and finally, welcoming the crowds. So, suffice it say, we pay attention to every detail, especially you and your guests. And we’re extremely excited to have you participate in every stop along the way.

It was another successful event in Birmingham. And obviously a big deal, because halfway through the night a camera crew from CBS showed up to film a portion of the event. Yep, Arbonne is stealing the thunder from local news, weather and car crashes.

The presentations were awesome. I love hearing from the presenters about who Arbonne products work best on: Folks with skin and hair. The possibilities are endless.

Birmingham, thanks for hosting us. Your volunteers were especially helpful. I can't remember seeing the display cases more organized or professional.

Oh yeah, NTC (National Training Celebration) registration is soaring thanks to the Road Tour! So many excited Consultants are making plans to meet us in Vegas—where the Road Tour comes to an end and the partying begins! Hey David Cook, I can’t wait to meet you!

Which makes me wonder...can you come with us to Atlanta?

Until we meet again.

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