Home Sweet Oklahoma

Is it me, or are there a lot of white Mercedes-Benzes out in the parking lot? I have to keep shaking my head to make sure I’m not seeing double. Looks like the kind of advertisement I want to be a part of.

Going to Oklahoma is like coming home in a way. Not in the sense that there are palm trees and miles of traffic, but more so in that there’s a distinct Arbonne vibe. For some reason, people really “get” Arbonne here. This has been one of the epicenters of Arbonne activity for quite some time now. And while other regions of the country and world are quickly growing, building like crazy, and embracing the opportunity, there’s still something to be said about Oklahoma. It’s like a Mecca for RE9 enthusiasts. In fact, there were more NVPs here than any other Road Tour stop yet!

Notes from Oklahoma:

-Cowboy Hall of Fame—lots of meeting space. We could’ve driven the FC5 truck inside. (I was temped to, believe me.)

-Becki Barnes did a phenomenal job helping to coordinate this show. You could tell it's almost Valentine's Day, because love was certainly in the air. Or was that FC5?

-All of the Arbonne superstars were in the house. A party like no other.

-We had two big headline speakers: Carleeta Nelson and Cecilia Stoll, who both rocked the show with amazing Opportunity Presentations! Standing room only. We even had to get more chairs, haha. As was expected, Oklahomans sure do love Arbonne! And we loved bringing this event to you.

-Got one request at the event that you'd think would’ve come from Texans: Gallon-sized jugs of Daily Nourishing Shampoo and Invigorating Body Cleanser. What can I say, the crowds just can't get enough.

So that’s a quick wrap-up of this leg of the Tour. And despite my better instincts, I have to end this post with a pun saying that this last stop was more than OK…it was journal-entry cool.

Nashville, are you ready?

Good. Because we’re on our way.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your Blog! If I had known what a motivating event this would be, I would have brought at least 20 people with me!

Keep up the great Blogs--can't wait till you get to New York!

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