West Palm Beached

With its Caribbean-esque sunshine and East coast sensibility, West Palm Beach is about the best place in the lower 48 for an FC5 party. (No offense Orange County!)

And by the looks of the jam-packed parking lot behind the Palm Beach Convention Center, it must be true. I’d say it’s safe to assume that Mercedes-Benz probably loves Arbonne as much as RVP and NVPs do!


And speaking of things Arbonne loves, I hope you saw the new David Cook posters in the Fc5 display room. He is coming to NTC! Can you believe it?

Check out this rocking lineup for NTC in Vegas:

-David Cook will perform at the Grand Awards Ceremony
-We’re unveiling the latest new products during the Kick-Off/Product Launch night
-Special guest performance by David Cassidy
-All your hard work in ’08 will be recognized throughout the event and at the Grand Awards Ceremony
-Keynote Speaker, Ross Shafer is speaking on ‘Why Now is the Best Time to be a Entrepreneur’
-Guest Speaker, Krista Embry will be in town to train on Makeup Application Tips & Easy Sales Strategies
-And, hello…Rita’s speaking! Reason enough to attend the event.

Arbonne and FC5 are still making waves across the country and getting lots of news coverage. A reporter from the local Latino Comcast channel was on hand to interview guests, along with Jael Weber from the Home Office.

And Latin Consultants outdid themselves again with a tremendous showing. It’s exciting to see how well the Spanish market is flourishing. Jael hosted a special training that was by all standards, excellente.

There were more men at this event, and Rita noted this during her presentation when she quipped, in true Rita style, "I love men, I married one."

Volunteers and attendees came from far and near to experience the Road Tour. One volunteer even flew down from Chicago, another from South Carolina. How impressive is that?

After a few weeks on the road, I think I’ve discovered that the winning formula for a romantic getaway doesn’t always involve a little black velvet box. It can simply be this: Let her make the decision and attend an FC5 Road Show event.

You won’t regret it.

East Coasters, we’re here. See you soon.

But before I sign off, here are the the “FC5 Featured Photos of the Week.”

Independent Consultant Julie Hintze brought along a brand new Consultant, who was thrilled to meet Rita at the very first event she attended. She also brought along her mother Donna, who is her first sponsored Consultant. Thanks for attending, Julie.

L–R: Independent Consultant Barbara Porto, President Rita Davenport, Independent Consultant Julie Hintze, Independent Consultant Donna Hintze

And Independent Consultant Blanca Schafer had the special chance to meet Rita:

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