Stop #3: Arizona. (Third Time's Always the Charm!)

Phoenix. For being in the middle of the desert, there's sure a lot going on. And driving into town, we noticed
an Arizona State Prison sign that said, "Do not pick up hitchhikers." That one was pretty easy for us to follow: Our truck is already full of Hydrating Eye Creme.

The PGA isn't the only big name that draws the crowds in Phoenix these days. There's also Rita Davenport. As the company president AND resident rock star, she really knows how to get Arbonne fans on their feet and ready to rock. Imagine what she could do with an electric guitar? Her sister Euphiazene was in the house, too, proving that southern belles and Arbonne go hand in hand.

The event was super packed. There were tons of people here. Think of NTC, just scaled down a bit.

The ladies in attendance had a lot to say about FC5, including this gem, "Thank you for creating a dummy-proof product line. The product names are so telling. Purifying Cleanser + Toner purifies and tones!" (Mental note to self: Don't bring Consultants around the office too often, they might steal my job writing about the products.)

There were a lot more men at this venue, too. I'm convinced it's 'cause Rita was here. Yep, had to be that. We need to figure out how to get her to come to every stop. And as we keep finding out in every city, people really love the product.

Our ace photographer, Jon, who helped capture the new look of FC5, was on hand to record some of the magic in Phoenix. So if you see him coming your way, relax and smile...he'll make you look really good. After all, look what he did with the latest Product Catalogue.

So Phoenix was our third stop of the Tour and we're just getting started. I think we're getting the hang of this format. I like seeing what's going on in the field. Meeting excited Consultants and Clients. Seeing the reactions. Helping to spread the love. And most importantly, spending way too much money on overpriced chocolate bars at these hotels. Dang. I ought to see if they'll trade me straight across for some Nurturing Day Lotion.

Okay, we're off to see how big Texas really is.

Until next time...


Leah K. Scott said...

Thank you for the Road Tour updates! I get on after every show to see the exciting things you have to say! I am so looking forward to Atlanta, three hours from us but it will be so worth it! PLEASE, bring Rita-we'll bring the prospects!

See you in Hotlanta!

Ching said...

Can you please post the dates and cities of upcoming road tour stops? I could not find it on Arbonne's website or on the blog. I'd like to invite guests to some of the events.

Also, can you also give us the agenda of the evening, or is it come and go as you wish?


Adrienne said...

Can't wait for you to come to Boston!! Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.

Enjoy the warmth and greenery down there, 'cause baby there aint non up here! LOL

Really want to hear what prospects are saying about the FC5 line!


Rhonda said...

Dallas - ROCKS! The event was great! Great training, great friends, great time!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a consultant to sign up under. My upline lives out of state, and it really hard for me to stay motivated. I live in Mesa, AZ so I would like to be under someone that lives here. The lady in the picture above looks so familiar ( holding the coffee with the teal shirt and brown jacket and blond hair) does she live here? I think I have been to one of her meetings... I was going to ask her, her name at the show but didn't and know I am kicking myself. If you know who she is, can you let me know? It is time for me to renew and I NEED A NEW TEAM!!! Help!!!

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