Virginia is for (Arbonne) Lovers

All smiles. That seems to be the theme at each one of these Road Tour stops. So either the FC5 products are a huge hit and everyone loves the potential opportunity with Arbonne, or we just happened to pick the 26 happiest cities in the country. (In 60 days, no less.)

Personally, I’d like to think it’s all of the above. My editor just confirmed, she thinks it's both too.

Jeanine Montgomery was the City Coordinator, while Nancy Wilcox and Candace Yeager gave the Opportunity Presentations. Jeanine Montgomery arranged for two white Mercedes-Benzes to be on display in the foyer of the convention center for photo opportunities. And as you’d expect, it was a crowd pleaser.

Would’ve liked to take one home myself!

Attendees converged on the venue before 4 p.m., ready to get in on the fun. And we had to bring in more chairs for the Product and Opportunity Presentations—every chair was taken!

The convention center is unbelievable, gorgeous and worth checking out. Made even more gorgeous with the beautiful Arbonne women. I can't believe how beautiful everyone's skin is!

One of the volunteers really sacrificed and drove five hours to join us. The volunteers were energetic and so much fun to work with. In fact, we were actually hoping the event would last a few more hours.

And they’re all pumped up and ready to rock out with David Cook and David Cassidy at NTC. One Consultant brought two guests with her and not only did they sign up to join Arbonne, they signed up to attend NTC next month!

Oceana Air Force Base is just a few miles away…awesome fly-bys!

Well, Baltimore just called. There's a snowstorm coming and they can’t wait for us to get there. And us being from California means…we don’t know how to drive in snow.

Looks like we might have to break the speed limit and see how fast this rig will actually go.

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Anonymous said...

i drove 6.5 hours from northern PA so i could bring a friend and new consultant who lives in norfolk. just saw the Philly stop last night - keep up the nice work!

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