The Birthplace of Aviation, a perfect place to shoot for the stars!

If anything paints a picture of the event in Columbus, it's this: Smiles. Lots of ‘em. A volunteer pulled me aside halfway through the event and looked me square in the eyes and said, "Smiling is my favorite. And you know what's second?”


So, smiles and Arbonne, going hand-in-hand for almost thirty years now.

The word of the night was "belief." After hearing Dr. Deanna Osborn and President Rita Davenport both share many personal experiences about how that word has changed their lives for the better, it reinforced to the crowd how important it really is.

We believe that FC5 is going to change the face of the industry. And we believe that people like you, are the key.

Rita spoke for almost an hour and a half. But it seemed like five minutes. She's so captivating and inspirational. After each time I hear her speak, I feel like I can do anything. Like write an amazing blog that captures all of the road tour details!

At the end of the night, we were thrilled to get an authentic “Ohio” cheer. City Coordinator Michelle Lingnua yelled, “O. H.” Then the crowd responded, “I. O.” while making letter symbols with their arms that closely resemble another letter-themed cheer we hold dear to our hearts: The beloved Y.M.C.A. (You know you still do it every time you hear it on the radio. And if you listen to that oldies station I like, you're hearing it a lot.)

Well, Motor City awaits us. And very aptly named, I might add, as I’m excited to see how many white Mercedes-Benzes show up.

Be sure to post a comment below. Tell us what you thought about the event.

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