We Want Some Baltimore!

The East Coast. Some like to call it the “Right Coast.” And from the looks of how excited Consultants are and how well Arbonne is thriving here, I’d say that’s pretty close to the truth.

We got to Chesapeake Bay/Camden Yards and discovered 5 inches of snow! Whoa, this California native couldn't believe it. I even saw an Arbonne employee run outside to make a snow angel. (Riding a surfboard, appropriately enough.)

Susan Evans was the city coordinator and she was great. She even had a drawing to gift four guests with the FC5 Shower Set. Way to offer the best incentive for people to come!

Mark Patterson was back in the house. And as the creative force behind FC5, he's been missed. The ladies love to hear him speak, and even told him so. One lady even told him that if he's on stage at NTC, she's bringing her entire team! (No pressure, Mark.)

And get this: We saved everyone the price of the Skin Conditioning Oil on parking. Sorry we couldn't get you the price of an RE9® Set!

Brad, Stuart and Laura Harry were in the house. Richard, our FC5 veteran has been at every event so far. What a trooper!

The volunteers were great! I had to pry them away from their station at the end of the night, they worried they wouldn't be replaced. Some of them had to walk in the snow to get here. (Uphill both ways, of course!) Well, not really, but a lot of them drove here from unplowed, rural towns…and we love them for it! Thanks, ladies!

Crab, crab and more crab! We ate so much delicious crab, I may be good for the rest of '09! On to Motown Philly! Can't wait to run up those steps the way Rocky did in the movie!

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