We Know Why It's The City of Brotherly Love: Philly Cheesesteaks + FC5

"Motown Philly, back again; doing a little East Coast swing..."

At a quick glance driving into Pennsylvania, I noticed the license plates no longer say "Keystone State" the way ours say "Golden State" in California, they read: "visitPA.com." Talk about a moving advertisement!

Philly really brought it. By far it was the biggest turnout of any Road Tour stop yet! I hear Rita hasn't been here since Linda Parker's car presentation some six years ago. That explains the huge turnout.

Christina Hayford, the city coordinator, was amazing and brought everyone Pennsylvania soft pretzels with spicy mustard. Wow. They certainly hit the spot—the perfect amount of salt and spice.

When we pulled into the Valley Forge Convention Center, we pulled "all the way in," literally. The FC5 truck was inside the center. Chevy was wrapping up their Silverado Conference so they rolled out the Chevy trucks and we rolled in the 18-wheeler.

The volunteers were great. I sat next to Olivia, who was a sweetheart, and I watched her as she recruited a new potential client from someone at the next conference. These ladies are so good at this. Had my boss not been standing behind me, I may have signed the form!

Rita rocked the Opportunity Presentation once more. After she spoke, I heard someone ask her guest, "So, are you going to NTC?" I didn't hear the response but if the reactions to Rita's presentation are any indication—she's going! Move over David Cook, Rita might be taking your spotlight at NTC.

You can't come to Philly without seeing the Liberty Bell. Historic and hip Philadelphia was cool! It’s such an intellectual place. And being next door to the second largest mall in the United States proved to be a difficult feat for those of us who gave up shopping for Lent! Okay, it was just me, and although it was suggested that I unplug while I'm here, I didn't.

Pat's Cheesesteaks in center city is open 24 hours; Mmm mmm...perfect for a late night snack after a long night.

Now it's on to New York, where it's sure to be wicked awesome, and I'm hoping to catch the show Wicked. I hear it's awesome!

Hey New York, Philadelphia just broke the record for attendance, show us what you got.


Anonymous said...

"Hey New York, Philadelphia just broke the record for attendance, show us what you got."

Well, we're sold out, so get ready! :-)

Anonymous said...

i brought two guests and had a great time - love the "road tour store"!!

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