Boston, The Right Side Of The Country

You know that old statement "When it rains, it pours?" Well, when it snows in Boston, it pours Consultants. Really! The latest downfall of deep snow didn't stop the masses from bringing guests and coming to check out the Arbonne Experience Road Tour!

There were as many in attendance as at the New York event. Looks like the East Coast really is the "Right Coast" when it comes to Arbonne.

In fact, this is what Richard Estalella, our Sr. VP of Warehousing & Distribution, had to say about the East Coast:

"When I joined the company 3-1/2 years ago I was very surprised that a very small portion of our business came from the East Coast. After participating in the Road Shows over the last few weeks in the Northeast and New England area, there is no question that business is growing fast. The participation and excitement has been incredible. I'm so excited about what the Consultants are making happen in this part of the country!"

So be proud, Boston. You're part of the winning team.

We rocked the Hilton with another top-notch show. Managing Director in Canada, Stuart MacMillan, was charming the crowds as emcee.

The music was pumping all night, right along with the Nurturing Day Lotion. It was awesome.

Lots of guests were taking pictures next to the life-size poster of David Cook. They can't believe he has so many hits on the Billboard list right now and that there's a good chance he'll have the number-one song by the time he performs in Vegas. So they can't wait to attend NTC!

And of course, who isn't excited to see David Cassidy? Be honest: You watched the Partridge Family, too.

Thanks for hosting us, Boston! You have the friendliest Consultants AND the tastiest clam chowder.

Both good things in my book.

Albany, see you soon.

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