I Heart AlbaNY

Back-to-back events. Just how we like 'em. Yesterday Boston, Albany today.

I know you're probably wondering: "Okay, these Arbonne Experience Road Tour stops are really great, but aren't they all the same?"

And to that I would answer: "Road Tour stops are like chocolate cake; better each time."

Right after we finished packing up the Boston show, we hopped on the shuttle for Albany. We all know FC5 keeps skin well hydrated and radiant, but what we found out after working all night was...the refreshing smell also kept us wide awake.

It really is a targeted line!

Albany welcomed us with open arms and open doors. The ballroom here is one of the bigger ones I've seen yet. Perfect for enthusiastic Consultants in this capital of the great state of New York. (Beautiful women.)

You can tell the momentum is really building out here on the Arbonne Road Tour! At each city, we're blown away by the attendance. We can always count on bigger crowds. So it's a good thing Richard has each hotel's event person on speed dial, because sure enough...we needed another hundred chairs set up before the first presentation even started. (You ladies are great at bringing the crowds, and guests.)

It's amazing to me to see how incredibly fast word travels about these Road Tour events. FC5 is more than just on the map, it's now in everyone's purse, home and bathroom. I know it's in my hotel bathroom.

Greg Chambers did a great job introducing everyone to FC5. And within moments after his presentation, the booths were packed with people sampling product. We had to keep re-stocking the Day Lotions and Hand Creme all night long.

Well, Albany, thanks for coming. And thanks for sampling so much product. (That's one less box of FC5 to pack! Whew!)

We're off to discover Columbus.


Anonymous said...

ENVP Mary Beth Relyea's HOT SHOES!

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Anonymous said...

ROAD SHOW A SUCCESS! Several guests turned to business builder! The event was amazing. THANK YOU ARBONNE!

Anonymous said...

The Road Show was fantastic! My tip to you is to BRING GUESTS!! After the FC5 experience, they'll jump in with both feet, for sure!! Don't miss out, ARBONNE IS INVESTING IN US!

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