Putting the "FC" In Michigan's Next Fab 5

We’re taking the country by storm, and we just rolled into Motor City to an excited crowd of Arbonne Consultants. We're skin care crusaders with one common goal, “To protect and preserve the one thing we all care about:

Youthful-looking skin.

We’re moving west, one city at a time. Closer and closer to the final stop and grand finale of it all…NTC Las Vegas!

So we’re happy to join with you and watch how the FC5 excitement is building. There’s no stopping it now!

The convention center was packed to the hilt. Normally about 15-25 volunteers show up early at each city to get trained on FC5. Here in Detroit, about 65 volunteers showed up! It was incredible. They loved helping out and it showed.

Rita lit the stage on fire again and I overheard a few guests afterward bubbling with excitement about how even though they’ve heard Rita speak before, this was the best one yet. We’re so lucky to have her.

In an unofficial poll throughout the evening, here are the top 5 reasons Consultants love FC5:

1- The quality and scent. (Love is in the air.)
2- The price. (Shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to treat an arm and a leg.)
3- The packaging. (Duh. Have you seen the models?)
4- The sets. (The more the merrier.)
5- 5 Fresh Cells. (It’s now easier than ever to get your “5” servings a day.)

Good thing Chicago’s the Windy City…so everyone will know FC5 has arrived!


Katherine Bontempo said...

Thanks so much for coming to MI! It was such a great time! I love the new FC5 products! They smell and feel amazing! Rita was awesome! Have fun on the rest of the tour!!!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how much money Arbonne makes and they have their selling reps set things up for free for them. I'm not a Arbonne rep,though I've been thinking about it, but I find it off putting that Arbonne would do this. People come to the road tour to make money for themselves but ultimately make money for Arbonne. Why can't Arbonne treat the reps better and set the chairs up themselves? It just sounds/looks odd.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you misunderstood...those that volunteered wanted to! It's just the kind of people that are part of Arbonne. In every Road Tour stop, consultants were given the opportunity to volunteer and they chose to. In my area, the volunteer spots were filled in 20 minutes - that's how much folks wanted to be part of the event and helping to make it happen. And why? Because Arbonne DOES treat its Consultants SO well. I haven't found a company that treats its Consultants better, and yes, I've looked!

In thinking about this...perhaps the reason these events have been so successful is because of the personal involvement at the Consultant level on up. Who better to answer questions, oversee a station, help folks find what they need or assist with seating than an Arbonne Consultant who genuinely cares about the outcome? A smart move on Arbonne's part.

Anonymous said...

No, Arbonne does not make their Consultants work, these are volunteers who receive a SeaSource Soak Set for their time. We do not require that they work, they volunteer. The hotel/convention staff do everything. And the corporate staff, do all of the setting up. Sorry you're confused but it's just not true.

Sunny Gal said...

I was so glad that I was able to attend the Novi Road Show. It was impressive with the multiple stations to try all of the FC5 Line. The training was excellent as well. Thank you for bringing the Road Show to Michigan.

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